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Tokyo: Fancy food court.

The Japanese are super into fake food displays outside restaurants so you know exactly what the food you’re ordering will look like.

Some of it is so well done that it looks real–it really is an art form.

It’s also super helpful for gaijin (foreigners) because it makes ordering so much easier!

Japanese food is so beautiful in general… I love those little mochi balls that look like children’s toys.

All these photos were taken in the basement of Takashimaya, one of Japan’s many over-the-top department stores. I’ve blogged about their awesome stationery and knitting supplies before. The entire floor was truly magical!! Have you ever seen such pretty sardines in your life?

I highly recommend coming here starving and sampling a little something from every counter.

The Japanese are famous for the purity of their food and it’s high quality… although that has been called into a little bit of question with the radiation scare. But generally, the Chinese back in Hong Kong go NUTS for anything from Japan, especially Hokkaido, a region thought to be especially pure. How yummy do these meat skewers look?! I’ll take one of each please.

Here’s a stall that sells nothing other than different types of sushi.
And this friendly lady is cobbling shaved fish. Not surprisingly my grandfather had a nice chat with her!
Besides all the Japanese wares, there is also a ton of French chocolates, pastries, and delicacies. This tea stand caught my eye… so many varieties offered and you can sample any one. The Mr. tells me Takashimaya is having financial trouble… I told him, maybe it’s because they let you sample, literally, everything in the store!! And they have unbelievably helpful service and the nicest packaging ever. He said it has more to do with them responding to tough times by expanding square feet rather than contracting… but that sort of fits with the Japanese way of not doing anything, unless they do it to absolute perfection!
Although this is the only photo not from Takashimaya, I couldn’t help but end with it. You know that expression: ‘it’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel??’ Well, maybe this is where that came from!

ALSO: For my HK readers, did you hear that Forever 21 just opened in Causeway Bay?

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