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Kate Spade inspired wedding shower.

I came across this Kate Spade inspired wedding shower on one of my daily reads: Em is for Marvelous. I love of the idea of taking inspiration for a party from one of the guest of honor’s favorite brands.

I thought it was super clever so wanted to share it with you! Emily, who’s also the creative director of Southern Weddings, created the invites herself and did such a great job… even mimicking Kate Spade’s signature Baskerville italics.

She also had a really fun game idea. She had each guest write a note for the bride for the 12 days leading up to the wedding… I love stationery and notes of any kind so it’s not surprising that I thought this was a really thoughtful idea.

It would also work well for a baby shower as the days leading up to a due date can get a bit intense as well… only it’s a very different type of intense as compared to leading up to a wedding.

And isn’t nail polish such a cute idea for a favor? LOVE. Check out her post for more pictures here.

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Reader’s Query, Shower games: How well does the Bride-to-be know her Groom-to-be?

I am not a big game person. I know, I know… I wish I was. But I’m just not. Even at showers… I like to keep it to one or two games. One game I do really love is when you ask the groom a bunch of questions beforehand and then the bride has to guess his responses. Everyone always enjoys getting to know the couple more and it keeps the focus on the bride which is most important! Guests, like me, love it because we get to just sit and listen.

On my post about a purple lace shower I co-hosted, Natalie wrote in asking for the questions we asked the groom. I’ve been to a couple of showers in the last six months and we played this game at both of them… so I emailed the lovely gals who put the questions together and combined their list so you can pick and choose. Perhaps it will be a nice resource to you when you’re planning a shower. A big thank you to Kate and Laura for their great questions. Readers, please comment with your additions of fun questions and then we’ll all have a complete list!! Spoiler alert: If you’re not yet married, you probably shouldn’t read through this list…

  • Name “The Groom” ’s favorite team:
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Hockey
  • Who is his favorite baseball player of all time?
  • Where did you go on your first date?
  • What is his least favorite chore?
  • What was “The Groom” ’s first job?
  • What year did “The Groom” graduate from high school?
  • Where was “The Groom” born?
  • Does “The Groom” wear boxers or briefs?
  • How does “The Groom” take his coffee?
  • Name one of “The Groom” ’s favorite TV shows.
  • What physical feature of yours does “The Groom” like the best?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s dream car?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s shoe size?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s pant size?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s height?
  • What is the name of “The Groom” ’s prom date?
  • Name all of the sports “The Groom” played in high school.
  • What was the first car “The Groom” drove?
  • How old was he when he had his first kiss?
  • What teen-idol poster did he have taped to his bedroom wall?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s current boss’s name?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s title at work?
  • What’s his favorite piece of his wardrobe?
  • What was “The Groom” wearing when you met?
  • What is one of his favorite “City you live in” restaurants?
  • What is his favorite breakfast food?
  • What is his favorite beer?
  • What super power would he like to have?
  • What is his mother’s maiden name?
  • Name one of “The Groom” ’s favorite movies .
  • How many times has he broken a bone?
  • Where was your first kiss?
  • What did you do on your 1st valentines as a couple?:
  • When would “The Groom” say he really fell in love with you?
  • Name one of “The Groom” ’s nicknames for you.
  • Name one of your nicknames for “The Groom”.
  • What is his favorite pizza topping?
  • What professional sport would he love to play?
  • What would his number be if he played a professional sport?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s favorite color?
  • What is his favorite music group?
  • Who is “The Groom” ‘s celebrity crush?
  • What color is his toothbrush?
  • Name something “The Groom” is afraid of?
  • Has “The Groom” ever been on TV and why/when?
  • What is “The Groom”’s favorite cocktail?
  • What flavor of ice cream is he most likely to order?
  • What heritage/background would “The Groom” say he is.
  • What was the best meal “The Groom” cooked for you?
  • What is your favorite meal “The Bride” has cooked for you?
  • What was the name of “The Groom” ’s first pet?
  • Name all of the places where “The Groom” has lived.
  • What is his most prized possession?
  • What President is on the $5 dollar bill? Did “The Groom” get this right?
  • Does “The Groom” still have his wisdom teeth?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s favorite kind of cake?
  • How many siblings does “The Groom” ‘s mother have?
  • Does “The Groom” prefer:
    • Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks
    • Coke or Pepsi?
    • McDonalds or Burger King
    • Vanilla or Chocolate
  • Name “The Groom” ’s siblings’s first and middle names in age order:
  • What country would “The Groom” be a monarch in?

As far as what the bride has to do when she gets it wrong… I like when she has to chew multiple pieces of bubble gum. Other fun ideas?

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