Princess cave.

Have you ever visited somewhere and just had no idea how much you didn’t get it? That is how I felt after I left the Phra Nang Cave, aka the Princess Cave, when I was in Thailand with our friends last week. While we were at the shrine, I was busy taking in the bright leis and cool candelabras–lit even in the bright sunlight–and all of the awesome stalactites and stalagmites.

But as it turns out, I was also surrounded by giant, carved wooden penises. Apparently, the cave is a sacred place for fishermen to make offerings to the mythical Sea Princess, who they believe calls the cave home, before going to sea. And apparently they think they know what the princess wants… besides pretty flowers and candlelight…

There really were a lot of “pointy sticks” in this cave. I don’t know what to make of it, but there were fishermen keeping close watch over the cave, which made me think it really is a sacred place to them. I wonder if this is a shrine to fertility embraced by woman, or if I’m giving it too much credit, and it’s just a place for fisher-dudes.

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3 responses to “Princess cave.

  1. Cave men!! Literally!! Fishermen and sailors are not dissimilar to cave men in terms of what they are/were thinking about. And how they represent it. Archeologists are digging up neolithic stuff quite similar to this. Look at this article about a dig in Israel.

  2. Whatever it is, I surely wouldn’t consider it as a place to stop and have a picnic. How amazing it must be to have the tangible experience of immersing yourself in such a myriad of culture. Thank you for helping us live that experience vicariously.

  3. The penis thing is a crack up! I have always considered Thailand such an anomaly when it comes to sex—the norm is that you are to stick to very traditional values (no living together/sex before marriage) while at the same time, the prevalence of “deviant” sex culture is so abundant and accepted (lady boys, etc). It’s like a very prude yet very sexually accepting culture. That princess must be very…satisfied. ūüėČ

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