Sri Lanka: Tea Factory.

I’ve already shown you how pretty tea country is, so now it’s time to see how tea is made!
All tea factories look just like this — four story long structures with lots of windows. We saw probably 30 factories while driving through tea country.
All the leaves the ladies have picked are driven to the factory three times daily.

They’re then sent up to the top three floors where  they’re then laid out to oxygenate and wither for about eight hours.

Tea production is a lot of back breaking work for everyone involved. 

Our bungalow The Tea Trails arranged our wonderfully informative guide Andrew… Here he is showing how pickers select only the first two or three leaves.

The tea master decided based on heat and humidity for how long to wither the leaves exactly… they are extremely precise and record everything by hand.

The walls of windows and fans make sure the leaves stay cool and at a constant temperature.
I thought all of the old machinery was so beautiful. After the leaves are withered on the top three floors they’re shoveled down a shoot into this grinder.
The tea is fed through a bunch more machines that separate leaves from stems and other debris.

As it is a very time sensitive process, everyone is bustling around!

Here the finer bits are sifted from the too-big bits.

Then the tea is laid out to further oxygenate for a few hours before being cooked in an oven.

Here the tea is coming out of the oven!

After coming out of the oven, it’s then further chopped and sifted for specific varietals.

And then finally packed up for sale at auction.
The tea is surprisingly dark and fine.

Norwood, where we toured, is ‘high-grown’ which is considered to be the best of the best.

I will now certainly notice tea from Ceylon and appreciate it a lot more now that I know how much work goes into it!

A big thank you to the Mr. for all of these great photos and also a big happy birthday to him as well!

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5 responses to “Sri Lanka: Tea Factory.

  1. Thankyou for this and your other interesting articles. I’ll go and make a cup of tea and appreciate it in a new way.
    [Valerie, New Zealand]

  2. So interesting! I love the photos, but especially that first one – the light and clouds are just amazing!

  3. Thank you for sharing this great trip of yours. The pictures are wonderful. Here’s to appreciating that morning cup of tea all the more.

  4. Wow, i’ve really never considered the work that goes into my morning tea! How interesting!

  5. Elizabeth Edwards

    Love the pictures and great article. I had no idea how tea was processed. And the quantity is staggering. Didn’t know tea was baked (how high is the temp?). Thought it was just dried. Love all the windows in the factory – makes it more human. Love the ladies in the fields. I dearly hope their work isn’t hard but imagine that it is.

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