The world according to S.F.

I can’t help but share this hilarious graphic from Real Data SF’s reader JC. Absolutely hysterical. I love that Japan is the “Outer, Outer Sunset”, that our geography is alcohol-oriented, and that Ikea gets a shout-out! Although in truth, this is actually quite sad and depressing. I realize living abroad how insanely self-absorbed all American (myself included) are and how incredibly limited our knowledge about the world is.

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4 responses to “The world according to S.F.

  1. I love things like this (you know my affinity for whimsical maps of all kinds).
    However, I question the confidence shown in placing “Boston” north of “NYC.”
    I have noticed that many people who are not from the Northeast (where our conceptual map is, of course, very different) do not actually know where Boston is in relation to NYC and, when asked, get it wrong.

  2. Well, actually it shows the southern part of Boston being south of the northern part of New York City which means the previous post is only partly on target!

  3. That is really funny and interesting!

  4. I am going to be honest and say that I am one of those people from San Francisco who struggles with her Eastern geography… I cannot get it through my thick head that Philly is south of NYC! I kept telling Willy thanks for coming down from Villanova to meet up with us in the city… But! I do know where Massachusetts is.

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