Transcontinental jetsetting, kids edition: gear.

When traveling with little ones you have to worry about keeping them entertained, but you also have to worry about how you’re actually going to get them from point a to point b.

How brilliant is this nest bed — it doubles as a suitcase when not in use!

Another option: Travel crib light.

Also in the ‘folds into a little bag’ arena is this little bouncy seat.

This little booster converts any car seat into a stroller to help get your little one to the gate. (Moms seem to really rave about this invention.) You can then belt your child into their seat with CARES, the only FAA approved adjusted seat-belt for kids.

Or you can use this combo stroller / luggage piece!

Or if you check the stroller at the gate, it’s nice to have this bag.

If you spent a fortune on your stroller, you probably don’t want to just check it in a plastic sack so this might be worth it.

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2 responses to “Transcontinental jetsetting, kids edition: gear.

  1. When I have traveled with the kids I have just taken an umbrella stroller, to avoid checking my nice one. If I traveled more often I would definitely think about the stroller bag.

    Also, the car seat/stroller converter is brilliant! Not only do you have a stroller but you don’t have to carry your car seat while pushing your stroller! Becasue THAT is hard to manage!

  2. That nest bed is awesome! We tried the “bassinet” on the plane when we flew overseas, and it was a total bust — they hook into the wall right by the bathrooms, so all night long people were opening and closing the doors…and waking up the baby. That nest bed would’ve been much better! And much better to look at too!

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