Apartment found.

So after looking at over 70 apartments–we finally found the one!

As of August 15, we’ll be setting up shop at 37 Barker Road, Flat No. 4A, The Peak, Hong Kong.

The place is up on the Peak, but it’s on the lowest road, which they say is usually just below the cloud / fog line. It’s above the crazyness of the city, but it’s still only a nine minute cab ride down to the action.

And here we are on the fourth floor… you can see from the buildings below why a 6 story building was, oh so comforting, to this single story, ranch loving, California gal.

So we had to weigh a lot of things… it was all about tradeoffs: high-rise versus mid-rise, fresh air versus convenient location, beach (yes, there are white sand beaches on the South side of Hong Kong–about 30 minutes from Central where all the offices are), or deck (which was the Mr’s no. 1 priority), or new kitchen versus big kitchen, or view of harbor versus view of beach versus view of your neighbor combing her hair in her 40th floor apartment, but a mere five feet from you… so many iterations of options. But in the end we opted for :

(Also, the place is still being touched up / painted so excuse the mess.)

1. A sick view and an awesome little deck. We figure we’re only young once and we’ll never ever again get to have a view like this one.

The Mr. LOVES the deck which opens right out from the living room. I do, too… I’m thinking cook-outs, cocktails, cigar smoking…

2. A little more space–there’s great views, too, from the guest room and the master.

Love the built in closets!

3. A little more, let’s optimistically call it, “character” over modern flashy glamour… which also happens to mean fugly, eighties themed bathrooms…. and a three room kitchen.

I’m going to have to figure out a way to make this bathroom a little more inviting–any ideas?

Room 1 of the kitchen is a pantry type area with a sink and an area for plating / stacking dishes. But, it does have a dishwasher–I imagine the idea is this is where the maid serves you from. The fridge is also in here, which is a little odd since the stove is in the other room.

Room 2 of the kitchen: Note the old stove is actually a positive thing because it’s by far THE largest we’ve seen here. Plus, I have a positive bias towards old appliances–I feel like they’re just tougher and better made than the plastic we roll out by the thousands today. And, the fact that most ovens in other apartments were the size of microwaves and wouldn’t fit most of my pots, much less a cookie sheet was a big plus.

The sink in the second room–and the 3rd room: the washer / dryer / utility / pantry room is visible on the far right.

On the positive side of the apt’s “character” are the cool window seat / alcoves in the Master. Can’t wait to sew some pillows for these nooks! Also, note the lush tropics in the background. I think we are really going to appreciate coming home to some green given all the cement here.

Okay, that’s all for now… look for more posts about decorating plans soon.

But in the meantime I’m very excited we found a place to call home. Living in a hotel has gotten quite tiresome.

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12 responses to “Apartment found.

  1. Looks awesome! The view is AMAZING! Don’t know what to say about the bathroom… 😉 Congrats!

  2. It’s beautiful, and when you get your things in there it will be home. I think the views are amazing and the trees will comfort you!

  3. It looks awesome! Kudos to a great find!! Time to pop the champagne and toast to The Peak!! You look adorable in your pic, btw!!

  4. Congrats! That view is STUNNING! So worth it! The place is great…and will be even better once you get done decorating! Is there a zip code for that address??

  5. It’s crazy to me that one apartment could be partially so amazing (those windows! that view!) and partially so outdated (that bathroom!). I can’t wait to see what you do to make it into a home!

    Also, I like your address.

  6. Happy you finally found an awesome place; fourth floor is good. Love the windows in the master bedroom and, of course, the deck. I think living potted plants (trailing ivy Larson style) would soften the cold look in the bathroom along with brightly colored towels.

    • Habou I love your potted plant idea. I’m currently thinking of some bright pink and brown / yellow and brown respectively towels and shower curtain. I think the colors are bright enough that you have to just embrace it! Miss you all!

  7. Congrats on finding a place! So fun to read your blog and stay updated on your adventures out there!

  8. Wowwwww!! Well done!
    I can’t imagine what a headache it must have been to think through all of those variables in what looks like a high-rise jungle of a city! But you guys came through. That looks like an amazing space with tons of potential.
    And I agree that the green outside your windows is a major plus. And the views! Can’t wait to see it decorated… xoxo

  9. Wow, great job and what a find! Lucky #70! I love the blog so far, it is very fun to read. 🙂

  10. Stephanie Burns

    So fun to see the beautiful place you have found! What a pleasure to get up and come home to such a lovely view of that fabulous harbor. Love reading your blog.

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