Enter the Dragon: Delectable food + drink.

The food and drink at Once Upon A Table‘s Enter the Dragon was unbelievable.

The night kicked off with an absinthe cocktail.

They even did the traditional pour absinthe over a sugar cube and light it on fire!

The final cocktail, entitled “Smoking Dragon Cocktail”, had the coolest colors. This would also work well for a holiday party!

Here the guests are enjoying cocktail hour.

The first course (my personal favorite) was ‘Kiss The Dragon Buns.’ Angie made the buns from scratch… fatty pork with a little hoisin and cucumbers = divine!

Here Angie is about to roll out the buns. It made me happy to see someone else enjoying my baking room!

Here the buns are resting before steaming.

The next course was so clever: ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.’ We were all debating whether the sweet, honey chicken or the pickled lamb was the tiger or the dragon, but either way, this dish just really worked together. Shreya, who hails from India, really nailed the Indian-inspired flavor profiles.

The next dish involved dragon fruit… here Argha is cutting some up. Now the Mr. loves dragon fruit… personally I’ve always found it to be a bit blah.

But I just loved the dish they came up with: ‘Salsa On A Dragon Boat.’ By mixing the dragon fruit with sauteed shrimp, chili peppers, fish sauce, pineapple and mint, they made dragon fruit into one of my favorite fruits!

Now as if we weren’t stuffed already… the final main was tender beef in hot chili oil. 

They also used Sichuan peppers, which literally make your whole mouth go numb. So even though the chili was quite hot, the numbing sensation enabled me to take down my entire plate!

The peppers are really pretty cool. From just one solo, I couldn’t feel my mouth for about 30 minutes… and actually the slight tingling is really quite enjoyable. This is a hot I actually really like.

Here my kitchen is being put to good use!! I have to admit… I worried I might feel a little territorial over my kitchen as it really is ‘my sacred space.’ But I actually loved seeing other people at work and noting how they arranged their work spaces. And not to mention how nice it is to enjoy a fine dinner party in your own home without having to do the cooking. I guess this is why people hire caterers…

And here are all the chefs (+ Jeff, the beer pairing guru) having a good time together. Such a fun and talented group!! Tomorrow I will show you dessert and my dragon favors!! I do hope I have the pleasure of working with them again soon.

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