Entertaining book.

So often someone is coming over for dinner and I turn to the Mr. and say what should I make? I can’t seem to remember ever hosting any event before, much less anything I’ve ever made! Or worse, you wonder ‘didn’t I make Julie lasagna the last time she came over? Or was it roast chicken?’ So part of the “paper” component of my first anniversary gift–although I will admit that it was more a gift to myself than to the Mr.–was this Entertaining Book from Graphic Image. Although I do think he’ll appreciate a record of all the fine bread breaking moments in our household someday!

I found it last holiday in Real Simple and finally came up with an excuse to buy it! Every page has a seating chart so you can remember who came over for dinner or brunch and how you sat the table, as well as what linens you used. I love how it accommodates all different table shapes.

And then there’s room to write in the menu served.

Now we’re not big wine drinkers, but it’s helpful to just write down here if we liked something. And adding in the flowers is also a nice fifties touch!

Just to prove to you that I’ve been diligent so far in recording meals, here are our last two meals with guests.

The book is finished with gold leaf on the pages to make it extra fancy. Finally, it comes with some helpful guidelines about all of the entertaining formality we seem to have all completely forgotten.

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4 responses to “Entertaining book.

  1. oo! fun. I love the formal guidelines we’ve left behind. I have a copy of Emily Post from 1965 that I love! So much more informative than the new version!

  2. ps. i’m accidentally logged in as my husband, but it’s me, Annie.

  3. what a great idea! So elegant and really, a fun diary too. I keep a supper notebook that is far less elegant, but for some of the same reasons you listed 🙂 and I do note when we had guests (blogged here http://thriftathome.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-supper-notebook.html)
    If you like manners, have you read the Miss Manners books by Judith Martin? They’re funny and also very informative (and I secretly adore rules, so I love them for that too).

  4. Oh my gosh that’s so smart & fun! Remind me, when I settle down and start entertaining people, that I definitely want something like that! That’s especially great for you because of all the hosting you do — someday your kids can review all the cool parties you had…

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