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Dear HongKongHousewife,
I’m getting married in a few weeks and I was trying to think about what to get my groom for our wedding and was wondering if you and your husband got gifts for each other, and if so, would you mind telling me what you got him?  I’m struggling for ideas here as he prefers his $30 Timex plastic watch and says he won’t wear cuff links (outside of a tux).  I think he’d really love a new set of golf clubs, but I wouldn’t know where to start in terms of picking something he’d like out…  is it too impersonal to get him a gift certificate??  Do you have any other suggestions or something nice that he could at least open that night?

Yours truly,
NY Fiancé

Dear NY Fiance,

I got the Mr. a framed map of Boston and a framed map of New England (because he’s from Massachusetts)… and then my card said something like “now my home will always be with you.”

The Mr. got me a textbook of Arkansas… the honeymoon was a surprise. I didn’t know where we were going until we got to the airport, but he kept joking that he had found a newlywed couple on Craig’s List and that we were going to rent an RV together and tour Arkansas. Inside the textbook was a CD of pics of us — and he wrote me a nice card.

While it’s certainly true that men of this era appreciate gadgets (iPads, Kindles, video games) more than anything else, I don’t think they’re appropriate groom’s gifts. I much prefer a small “token” gift that is something he’ll have forever because technology does come and go. Here are some ideas of those types of things:

–I’m assuming he already has cufflinks, but what about hidden message collar stays for the big day! Include some inside jokes?  You could pair them with “wedding boxers”?

This is in fact what NYFiance ended up buying for her groom… although she purchased them from Stayclip and had them engraved with some of their vows and their anniversary date. Her Mr. wears stays every day to work so this was a perfect gift for him!  Image credit: Spark Photography.

Passport holder engraved (for the honeymoon, especially if it’s abroad).

Humidor engraved with your combined new monogram or wedding date? Good for when he needs to light up a cigar when you have your first baby!

–Nice crystal scotch glasses for him to use when toasting milestones… like new jobs or new babies!

–Business card holder (a nice silver one, also engraved) with his initials on the outside and maybe the date somewhere on the inside?

–A framed print, map or etching of his hometown, like I did. This is a good site to order them from:

A picture, sketch, photo, or painting of Central Park where he popped the question?

–In case you get cold feet socks:

From etsy.

–A family Bible is another sweet idea. You could engrave it. And you could spring for a fancy old Bible, with amazing engraved illustrations.

–A family dictionary (one of those giant ones on a stand) could be kinda dorky, but cool. Great for teachers, writers or Scrabble lovers.

From Live Auctioneers.

–Does he have a favorite book? A first edition is very special.

–A travel journal to record your trips together on your new adventure as husband and wife… gettting married is the start of a journey together. Now you’ll always have someone to experience new places with!


–On that same note, a compass.

–A suit stand for him to lay out all of his garments on his wedding day…

This was the Mr.’s tux and our wedding rings on our wedding morn. The suit stand was a gift from my grandfather.

These are just a few of my ideas… readers what did you give your grooms?

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5 responses to “Reader’s query: Groom’s gift

  1. Great ideas, N! I love the collar stays — I am going to keep those in mind for a future present for Rob!

  2. Haha I love those socks! What a clever idea!

  3. These are wonderful ideas! And here I thought guys were so hard to buy for!

  4. I bough my husband a fiddle and prepaid for lessens. He didnt play but had always wanted to…

  5. Love this. I’m getting married in June and this is so helpful! Any suggestions for gifts for the parents of the bride and groom? Stumped on that one, too!

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