Chongqing Drama.

A good housewife appreciates a bit of drama… and real life drama is far superior to the made-up, gossipy kind… and there is a good deal of Godfather-esque intrigue unfolding in China right now. China’s most famous police chief recently visited an American Embassy, purportedly seeking political asylum. And we know this because, what do you do if one of your citizens tries to seek asylum at an embassy in your own country? You surround the embassy with tons and tons of cop cars and make sure he doesn’t leave.

Wang Lijun, Chief of Chngqing Public Security. Getty images.

So where exactly is Wang Lijun now? No one knows. He could be on vacation, recovering from stress, as the Chinese say… or he could be being tortured underground somewhere. No one knows. But everyone is sure this is a political play related to the upcoming Politburo elections. Wang’s uber-powerful boss Bo Xilai is currently on the 25-member Politburo and is angling for the 9-member Standing Committee this year. Bo is quite controversial; he’s led a crusade of corruption, including arrestings 2,000 gang members in June of 2009, and also has a deep love of Maoist communist ideals and practices, like bringing back ‘Red Songs’ from the fifties. Bo’s father is a party elder–an example of how nepotism is very much a part of China today. Apparently tweets with Wang or Bo were being blocked… until this morning… when people suspect his enemies let them through… I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting to hear where exactly Wang turns up and enjoying this narrow peak into the mysterious workings of Chinese politics.

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